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Queen Mavia

4th Century A.D.-4th Century A.D.
From: Syria
Fields: Government and Politics, Military and Warfare
Key Words/Phrases: Arab warrior-queen
Syrian Arab Queen Mavia (or Mawia) led her Saracen troops in a rebellion against Rome. Between 373 and 380 A.D. she led them into battles in Palestine, Phoenicia and Egypt.

After confronting her in a battle in Phoenicia, a general of the Roman army requested assistance from the supreme commander of the eastern Roman army. Despite this, Mavia continued winning battle after battle until the Roman army retreated from her domain.

The Romans remembered the effectiveness of her forces and when they were later attacked by Goths, they requested Mavia's assistance. She complied by sending a fleet of her cavalry.

Contributed by Danuta Bois, 1997.

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