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Anne Frank

From: Germany, Netherlands
Fields: Literature and Poetry
Key Words/Phrases: diarist, Jewish victim of Holocaust
Frank, Anne (1929-45), German diarist, born in Frankfurt am Main. In 1933 she and her family, who were Jewish, left Nazi Germany and settled in Amsterdam. In July 1942 they and four other exiles went into hiding in the sealed-off back rooms of an Amsterdam office building in order to avoid arrest by German occupation forces. In August 1944 their hiding place was revealed, and they were taken into custody. Anne died in the German concentration camp at Belsen less than one year later. Her Dutch diary, describing with humor and tenderness her two arduous years in seclusion, was found in the hiding place. Published in 1947 as Het Achterhuis (The House Behind), it appeared (1952) in the U.S. as Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. It was dramatized for the stage under the title The Diary of Anne Frank in 1956 and filmed in 1959.

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